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Kørestolssæder – Del 10: Ikke-integrerede sæders og rygpuders modstandsevne over for antændelse – Krav og prøvningsmetoder

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This document specifies requirements and test methods to assess the resistance to ignition by
smouldering cigarette equivalent of integrated or non-integrated components of a wheelchair intended
to protect tissue integrity and/or provide postural support. The electronic ignition source is also a
simulation of other potential sources of environmental ignition hazards.
The test measures only the resistance to ignition of the items tested, and not the ignitability of the
complete wheelchair. It gives an indication, but cannot guarantee, the ignition behaviour of the
assembled devices of a complete wheelchair.
This document does not apply to resistance to ignition of structural parts of a wheelchair. This
document does not cover changes in resistance to ignition as a result of regular washing or use of the
postural support devices.
This document allows for the separate testing of components of a wheelchair which are normally used
in the horizontal plane (e.g. a seat cushion) from those normally used in the vertical plane (e.g. a back
This document describes testing an assembly of the composite of materials as used in the component.
The results of the tests in this document do not give any indication of the resistance to ignition of any of
the separate individual materials of the test sample.
NOTE 1 – The intent of this document is primarily to cover cushions whose described purpose is that of
protecting skin tissue against pressure, shear, and maceration related damage, as well as textile based postural
support devices, all of which are ‘soft components’ which interface with the human body
NOTE 2 – Good practice is also to use materials which minimize the risk of release of toxic substances as a
result of ignition, and which do not pose a biocompatibility risk when in contact with the skin. Materials chosen
are to comply with biocompatibility requirements and risk management guidance of ISO 10993–1, which guides
consideration of cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation evaluation for surface devices in contact with the skin
(ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10)
NOTE 3 – The requirements of this document have been set at a basic minimal level and are less severe than
current requirements in some countries.

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Internationale relationer : ISO/PRF 16840-10 IDT

ICS: 11.180.10 - Bevægelseshjælpemidler og tilpasning

Varenummer: M341107

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  • ISO/TC 173/SC 1
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