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Information og dokumentation – Vejledning om bibliografiske referencer og henvisninger til informationsressourcer

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This document provides guidelines for the preparation of bibliographic references. It also gives
guidelines for the preparation of citations in works that are not themselves primarily bibliographical. It
is applicable to bibliographic references and citations to all kinds of information resources, including but
not limited to monographs, serials, contributions within monographs and serials, patents, cartographic
materials and diverse electronic resources (including research datasets, databases, programs and
applications, web archives and social media, music, recorded sound, prints, photographs, graphic and
audio-visual materials, archival sources and moving images).
This document does not specify a data model for machine-readable citations, although such specification
may be added to a later edition of this document.
Guidelines for legal citations, such as for references to cases, statutes or treatises, are not addressed in
this document, since such guidelines are country-specific3.
Making recommendations as regards what kind of information resources may or may not be cited, or
describing the risks involved with e.g. citing social media, is not within the scope of this document4.
Providing the reasons for importance of citations in science is not within the scope of this document. A
few examples of sources which should always be cited are given in Clause 5.
Annex A refers to the relevant clauses of this document which explain the requirements for referencing
or citing printed and electronic documents. Annex B specifies practices for referencing archived Web
information resources.

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ICS: 01.140.20 - Informationsvidenskab

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  • ISO/TC 46/SC 9
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