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Sprøjtebeton – Del 1: Definitioner, specifikationer og overensstemmelse

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This European Standard is applicable to sprayed concrete, to be used for repair and upgrading

of structures, for new structures and for strengthening of ground.

This European Standard covers:

- classification related to consistence of wet mix;

- environmental exposure classes; young, hardened and fibre reinforced concrete;

- requirements for constituent materials, for concrete composition and for basic mix, for

fresh and hardened concrete and all types of fibre reinforced sprayed concrete;

- specification for designed and prescribed mixes;

- conformity.

This European Standard is applicable to wet mix as well as dry mix sprayed concrete.

The substrates to which sprayed concrete can be applied include:

- ground (rock and soil);

- sprayed concrete;

- different types of formwork;

- structural components constituted of concrete, masonry and steel;

- drainage materials;

- insulating materials.

Additional or different requirements may be needed for applications not within this document, for

instance-refractory uses.

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Internationale relationer : prEN 14487-1 IDT

ICS: 01.040.91 - Byggematerialer og byggeri (ordliste) 91.100.30 - Beton og betonprodukter

Varenummer: M349183

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  • CEN/TC 104
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