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Airconditionanlæg, væskekøleaggregater og varmepumper til rumopvarmning og -køling samt proceskøleaggregater med eldrevne kompressorer – Del 1: Termer og definitioner

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This European Standard specifies the terms and definitions for the rating and performance of air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps using either air, water or brine as heat transfer media, with electrically driven compressors when used for space heating and/or cooling.

It also specifies the terms and definitions for the rating and performance of process chillers.

This European Standard does not apply to heat pumps for domestic hot water, although certain definitions can be applied to these.

This European Standard applies to:

- factory-made units that can be ducted,

- factory-made liquid chilling packages with integral condensers or for use with remote condensers,

- factory-made units of either fixed capacity or variable capacity by any means, and

- air-to-air air conditioners which can also evaporate the condensate on the condenser side.

Packaged units, single split and multisplit systems are covered by this standard. Single duct and double duct units are covered by the standard.

In the case of units consisting of several parts, this European Standard applies only to those designed and supplied as a complete package, except for liquid chilling packages with remote condenser.

This European Standard is primarily intended for water and brine chilling packages but can be used for other liquid subject to agreement.

The units having their condenser cooled by air and by the evaporation of external additional water should have their performance in the cooling mode determined in accordance to EN 15218. For those which can also operate in the heating mode, the EN 14511 series applies for the determination of their performance in the heating mode.

NOTE 1 – Part load testing of units is dealt with in EN 14825.

NOTE 2 – All the symbols given in this text are used regardless of the language.

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  • CEN/TC 113
  • CEN/TC 113/WG 8

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