DSF/prEN 280-2 ( Forslag )

Mobile personløftere med arbejdsstandplads – Del 2: Supplerende sikkerhedskrav til løfteudstyr fastgjort til udstrækkelige dele eller til arbejdsstandplads



This document, which shall be used in conjunction with EN 280-1:– , specifies the additional safety requirements for MEWPs of Type 1 equipped with a load lifting appliance. The load lifting appliance is designed for lifting suspended loads directly in support of the task being carried out by personal from the work platform. This European Standard deals with the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to the lifting of loads outside the scope of EN 280-1:–1), when the MEWP and load lifting appliance are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer of the MEWP. The significant hazards covered by this standard are listed in Clause 4.

This European Standard does not cover the following:

a) the use of a MEWP for lifting persons as a suspended load;

b) the use of a MEWP for lifting suspended loads from a control position other than the work platform;

NOTE – Where a control position other than the work platform is used the relevant crane standards (e.g. EN 13000, EN 12999) apply.

c) requirements for lifting accessories;

d) raising or lowering of suspended loads for general materials handling as carried out by a crane.

Load lifting devices can be:

a) fixed load attachment points on the work platform or on the extending lifting structure;

b) lifting equipment for raising or lowering the load with a stationary platform. The equipment is attached to the work platform or extending structure and may have a jib.

NOTE – The lifting equipment can be either permanently attached or interchangeable.

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Internationale relationer : prEN 280-2 IDT

ICS: 53.020.99 - Andet løfteudstyr

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