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Tagrender og tilbehør af PVC-U – Definitioner, krav og prøvning

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This document specifies the requirements for eaves gutters made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), fittings and the system intended to be used for rainwater roof drainage.

It applies to:

- solid wall monolayer gutters;

- solid wall multilayer gutters;

- solid wall fittings.

The test parameters for the test methods are specified in the document.

Gutters covered by this document can be used in conjunction with fittings of acrylic materials provided these products meet the applicable requirements of this document.

NOTE 1 – Products complying with this document can be used in conjunction with rainwater downpipes conforming to EN 12200-1 [1] and fixed with brackets complying with EN 1462 [2].

This document is applicable to PVC-U gutter systems of any shape with rubber seal or adhesive joints.

NOTE 2 – It is the responsibility of the purchaser or specifier to make the appropriate selections from the size range and the design to take into account their particular requirements and any relevant national regulations and installation practices or codes.

NOTE 3 – The term "rainwater" in this document is used also to encompass "surface water" (as defined in EN 752 [3]) run-off from buildings.


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  • CEN/TC 128
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