DS/HD 60364-8-2:2018/A11:2019

Elektriske lavspændingsinstallationer – Del 8-2: Prosumeres lavspændingsinstallationer

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This part of IEC 60364 provides additional requirements, measures and recommendations for
design, erection and verification of all types of low-voltage electrical installation according to
Clause 11 of IEC 60364-1:2005 including local production and storage of energy in order to
ensure the compatibility with the existing and future ways to deliver the electrical energy to
current-using equipment or to the public network by means of local sources. Such electrical
installations are equipped with a local Electrical Energy Management System (EEMS) and are
designated as Prosumer’s Electrical Installations (PEI).
This document also provides requirements for proper behavior and actions of PEI in order to
efficiently obtain sustainable and safe operations of it when integrated into smart grids.
These requirements and recommendations apply, within the scope of the IEC 60364 series,
for new installations and modification of existing installations.
NOTE – Electrical sources for safety services including associated electrical installations and standby electrical
supply systems for a secure continuity of supply, which are operated only occasionally and for short periods (e.g.
monthly 1 hour) in parallel with the distribution grid for testing purposes, are outside the scope of this part.

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Udgivet: 2019-08-08

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Internationale relationer : HD 60364-8-2:2018/A11:2019 IDT

ICS: 91.140.50 - Elektriske installationer

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