DS/EN IEC 60068-3-3:2019

Miljøprøvninger – Del 3-3: Understøttende dokumentation og vejledning – Seismiske prøvningsmetoder for udstyr

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This document applies primarily to electro-technical equipments but its application can be
extended to other equipments and to components.
Also if some sort of analysis is always performed when making a seismic qualification, e.g. for
the choice of the representative sample to be tested or for the extension of the seismic
qualification from the tested specimen to similar specimens, the verification of the
performance of an equipment by analysis or by a combination of testing and analysis may be
acceptable but is outside the scope of this guide, which is restricted to verification based
entirely upon data from dynamic testing.
This guide deals solely with the seismic testing of a full-size equipment which can be tested
on a vibration table. The seismic testing of an equipment is intended to demonstrate its ability
to perform its required function during and/or after the time it is subjected to the stresses and
displacements resulting from an earthquake.
The object of this guide is to present a range of methods of testing which, when prescribed by
the relevant specification, can be applied to demonstrate the performance of equipments for
which seismic testing is required with the main aim of achieving qualification.
NOTE – Qualification by so-called “fragility-testing” is not considered to be within the scope of this guide which has
been prepared to give generally applicable guidance on seismic testing and specifically on the use of IEC 60068-2
test methods.
The choice of the method of testing can be made according to the criteria described in this
guide. The methods themselves are closely based on published IEC test methods.
This guide is intended for use by manufacturers to substantiate, or by users to evaluate and
verify, the performance of an equipment.

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Udgivet: 2019-10-23

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