DS 60884-2-D1:2017

Stikpropper og stikkontakter til husholdningsbrug o.l. – Bestemmelser for danske systemer

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DS 60884-2-D1 applies to plugs and fixed or portable socket-outlets for a.c. only, with or
without earthing contact, with a rated voltage greater than 50 V but not exceeding 250 V
single-phase and 250/440 V three-phase and a rated current not exceeding 16 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors.
The rated current is limited to 16 A maximum for fixed socket-outlets provided with screwless terminals.
This standard does not cover requirements for flush mounting boxes: however, it covers only those requirements for surface-type mounting boxes which are necessary for the tests on the socket-outlet.
NOTE 1 – General requirements for mounting boxes are given in IEC 60670.
This standard also applies to plugs incorporated in cord sets, to plugs and portable socketoutlets incorporated in cord extension sets and to plugs and socket-outlets which are a component of an appliance, unless otherwise stated in the standard for the relevant
This standard does not apply to
– plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes;
– appliance couplers;
– plugs, fixed and portable socket-outlets for ELV;
NOTE 2 – ELV values are specified in IEC 60364-4-41.
– fixed socket-outlets combined with fuses, automatic switches, etc.
NOTE 3 – Socket-outlets with pilot lights are allowed provided that pilot lights comply with the relevant standard, if any.
Plugs and fixed or portable socket-outlets complying with this standard are suitable for use at ambient temperatures not normally exceeding 25 °C, but occasionally reaching 35 °C.
NOTE 4 – Socket-outlets complying with this standard are only suitable for incorporation in equipment in such a way and in such a place that it is unlikely that the surrounding temperature exceeds 35 °C.
In locations where special conditions prevail, such as in ships, vehicles and the like and in
hazardous locations, for example where explosions are liable to occur, special constructions may be required.

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Udgivet: 2017-03-07

Godkendelsesdato: 2017-02-01

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ICS: 29.120.30 - Stikpropper, stikkontakter, konnektorer

Varenummer: M312166

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  • IEC/TC 23/SC 23B

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