ASTM A1103/A1103M - 16

Standard Specification for Seamless Cold-Finished Carbon Steel Structural Frame Tubing for Automotive Racing Applications

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1.1 This specification is for seamless cold-finished carbon steel round structural frame tubing for automotive racing applications. The chemical requirements are listed in Table 1. Tubing may be used for other applications requiring similar tolerances and properties. The specification includes requirements for heat treatment and mechanical properties to meet the needs for the application. The tubing is intended to be bent and joined by welding. The welding procedure shall be suitable for the grade, the condition of the components, and the intended service.(A) The ranges and limits given in this table apply to heat analysis; except as required by 6.1, product analyses are subject to the applicable additional tolerances given in Table 2.(B) Columbium (Cb) and Niobium (Nb) are alternate names for element 41 in the Periodic Table of the Elements.1.2 The tubing outside diameter size range is from 0.625 to 2.0 in. [16 to 50 mm]. The wall thickness shall be specified as a minimum wall.1.3 O

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