DS/EN 61970-402:2008 ( Withdrawn )

Energy management system application program interface (EMS-API) - Part 402: Common services

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This International Standard provides the base functionality considered necessary and common that is provided by neither the normative standards incorporated by reference nor the new APIs specified in the IEC 61970-403 to IEC 61970-449 2) generic interface standards. An application is expected to use the Common Services in conjunction with the generic interfaces. These application category independent interfaces include:
• IEC 61970-403: Generic Data Access (GDA)
• IEC 61970-404: High Speed Data Access (HSDA)
• IEC 61970-405: Generic Eventing and Subscription (GES)
• IEC 61970-407: Time Series Data Access (TSDA)
To support these objectives, the Common Services are divided into three categories:
a) Resource Identifiers – A common way of identifying classes, class attributes, and object instances.
b) Resource Description – A common way of encoding values associated with classes, class attributes, and object instances.
c) Views – A common way of presenting classes, class attributes, and object instances via hierarchies.
IEC 61970-402 contains API services that are considered to be foundational. As such, all the other parts in the IEC 61970-4xx series assume their existence. As a result, the services described in IEC 61970-402 are required for any component that complies with the IEC 61970-4xx series of standards.
Though the target of this IEC standard includes the control center technical domain, common
services encompass a general set of concepts that can be applied to many types of systems.
Examples of these systems include:
• Distribution management systems
• Work or asset management systems
• Geographic information systems
• Outage management systems
• Other types of operational business systems.
In recognition that the integration between applications in two or more of these systems is often necessary, the intent of this specification is to address general common service requirements to the extent that they are common to different types of systems while effectively addressing the control center needs.

Number of pages: 44

Published: 2008-10-23

Date of approval: 2008-09-26

Date of withdrawal: 2014-12-05

International relationships : EN 61970-402:2008 IDT IEC 61970-402:2008 IDT

ICS: 33.200 - Telecontrol. Telemetering

Item number: M213942



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