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Heating and cooling systems in buildings

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Building Regulations 2015​

Building work in new and altered buildings in Denmark

The Building Regulations contain the Danish rules for building work in new buildings, extensions, conversions and other rebuilding work, as well as changes in the use of buildings that are important in relation to the Danish Building Act or the Building Regulations, the demolition of buildings and alterations and other rebuilding work that may affect the consumption of energy in the building. The Building Regulations apply to building work carried out in the Danish market.

Their primary field of application is multi-storey buildings for residential purposes and all kinds of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, including the categories listed in section 11 of the Danish Building Act, single-family houses for permanent residence, either as detached single-family houses or linked single-family houses, holiday homes in summer house areas, allotment sheds, campsite cabins and garages, outbuildings, and other secondary buildings.

You can read more about the Danish Building Regulations here:  http://bygningsreglementet.dk/


This standard specifies requirements for heating and cooling systems. The requirements are intended to give a technical correct quality level, with the required thermal indoor climate maintained with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The standard applies to all types of heating- and cooling systems, which have the purpose to supply rooms and buildings and connected systems with heating or cooling. The heating media respectively the cooling media in the system can be either e.g. water, air or electricity.

The standard applies to heatling systems of the following type:
- Central heating
- Air heating
- Electrical heating
The standard applies to cooling systems of the following type:
- Central cooling
- Air cooling
The standard requirements for heating- and cooling systems are valid for all types of supply systems e.g.:
- Gas boilers
- Oil boilers
- Biomass boilers, e.g. wood, wooden pellets, straw and corn
- Solar heating
- Heat pumps
- District heating
- Geothermics
- Electricity
- Cooling machines
- Groundwater cooling
- Sea-, harbour- and sea water cooling
- District cooling
The standard does not apply to the supply system itself, but only the part of the supply system which naturally is part of the heating- og cooling system, including determination of the dimensioning performance.

The standard does not apply to the individual e.g. :
- Boiler
- District heating main cock, including the service valve
- Heat pump
- Cooling machine
- Electrical power supply

The standard does not apply to ventilation and fire technical requirements.

The standard does not apply to personal safety (for neither user nor operating personnel)

Number of pages: 52

Published: 2013-03-01

Date of approval: 2013-02-06

International relationships :

ICS: 91.140.10 - Central heating systems

Item number: M253996


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