DS/ISO 17966:2016

Assistive products for personal hygiene that support users - Requirements and test methods

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ISO 17966:2016 specifies requirements and associated test methods for assistive products for personal hygiene (APPHs) that support users and which are intended by the manufacturer to alleviate or compensate for disability. The work environment and safety aspects for assistants are also included. It specifies safety and performance requirements that apply during normal use and foreseeable misuse and failure. It also specifies methods of measurement of the forces necessary to operate controls and specifies limits on the forces needed for some operations.
This International Standard specifies requirements and test methods for assistive products within the following divisions of ISO 9999:2011:
09 12 03 Commode chairs;
NOTE – This covers mobile and static products.
09 12 06 Toilets with built in raising and height adjustable mechanism;
NOTE – This excludes toilets with built-in douche and air dryers.
09 12 09 Toilet seats;
09 12 12 Raised toilet seats mounted on frame;
09 12 15 Toilet seats inserts;
09 12 18 Raised toilet seats fixed to toilet;
09 12 21 Toilet seats with built-in raising mechanism to help standing up and sitting down;
09 12 24 Toilet arm supports and toilet back supports mounted on toilet;
09 12 25 Toilet arm supports and toilet back supports, free standing;
09 12 36 Douches and air dryers for attachment to a toilet;
09 33 03 Bath/shower chairs (with and without wheels), bath boards, stools, back supports and seats;
09 33 12 Bathing stretchers, shower tables and diaper-changing tables;
18 15 06 Height adjustable plinths and brackets;
NOTE – Refers to height adjustable plinths and brackets when used as an assistive product for personal hygiene (APPH). Height adjustable mechanisms for other items such as basins may be included.
18 18 03 Handrails and support rails;
18 18 06 Fixed grab bars and handgrips;
18 18 10 Removable grab rails and handgrips;
NOTE – This excludes removable grab rails and handgrips which are static as defined in 3.27.
18 18 11 Hinged rails and arm supports;
ISO 17966:2016 does not encompass requirements regarding:
- safe mounting in building structures;
- requirements regarding fixed building installations e.g. water and electricity;
- bathtub hoists that are covered by ISO 10535;
- 09 33 21 Bathtubs of ISO 9999:2011;
- stability and friction issues in relation to slippery surfaces due to soap;
- products that have been customised or custom-made for an individual user.

Number of pages: 108

Published: 2016-01-21

Date of approval: 2016-01-12

International relationships : ISO 17966:2016 IDT

ICS: 11.180.01 - Aids for disabled and handicapped persons in general 11.180.99 - Other standards related to aids for disabled and handicapped

Item number: M287945



  • ISO/TC 173

Danish committee



  • DS-hæfte 55:2019
    Guide to purchasing bath and toilet aids. Understand the requirements in DS/ISO 17966. For municipalities, architects, and others who furnish bathrooms for people with disabilities