ASTM C294 - 19

Standard Descriptive Nomenclature for Constituents of Concrete Aggregates

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1.1 This descriptive nomenclature provides brief descriptions of some of the more commonly occurring, or more important, natural and artificial materials of which mineral aggregates are composed. The descriptions provide a basis for understanding these terms as applied to concrete aggregates. When appropriate, brief observations regarding the potential effects of using the natural and artificial materials in concrete are discussed. Note 1: These descriptions characterize minerals and rocks as they occur in nature and blast-furnace slag or lightweight aggregates that are prepared by the alteration of the structure and composition of natural material. Information about lightweight aggregates is given in Specifications C330, C331, and C332.1.2 This standard does not include descriptions of constituents of aggregates used in radiation shielding concrete. See Descriptive Nomenclature C638.1.3 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard. No other units of measurement are in

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ICS: 01.040.91 - Construction materials and building (Vocabularies) 91.100.10 - Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar

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