ASTM E2114 - 19

Standard Terminology for Sustainability Relative to the Performance of Buildings

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1.1 This terminology2 consists of terms and definitions pertaining to sustainable development and, in particular, to sustainability relative to the performance of buildings.1.2 The purpose of this terminology is to provide meanings and explanations of terms applicable to sustainable development. In the interest of common understanding and standardization, consistent word usage is encouraged to help eliminate the major barrier to effective technical communication.1.3 It is recommended that terms used only within an individual standard, and having a meaning unique to that standard, be defined or explained in the terminology section of that individual standard.1.4 Certain standard definitions herein are adopted from other sources. Each is an exact copy. The source is identified at the right margin following the definition and is listed in Section 2.1.5 Terms are listed in alphabetical sequence. Compound terms appear in the natural spoken order.1.6 This international standard was develop

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ICS: 01.040.91 - Construction materials and building (Vocabularies) 91.040.01 - Building in general

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