DS/CEN/CLC Guide 14:2010

Child Safety - Guidance for its Inclusion in Standards

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This Guide provides guidance for European Standards" writers on meeting the requirements of European Commission mandate M/293 to address issues of child safety in standards.
NOTE – In the preparation of this guide it is noted that the approach and philosophy utilised in the preparation of standards for products, constructions and services will depend on whether specific levels of qualified supervision are required or not.
This Guide does not exclude consideration of hazards where the means of protecting adults are equally effective for children. Generally, however, it does not refer to safety requirements that are not particular to children.
The scope of this Guide overlaps with that of guidance in some directives or mandates covering products, constructions or services intended for children, e.g. toys, childcare articles. Guidance for specific products, constructions or services intended for children is more appropriate than this general child safety guidance.
This Guide is applicable to existing or potential standards for products, constructions or services that might:
- be potentially harmful to children but not adults; or
- pose greater risks to children than adults; or
- require means of protection for children that are additional or different to those that are effective for adults.
This Guide does not consider children with special needs.
Where products, constructions or services are subject to regulatory requirements, e.g. European legislation or national laws, these requirements take precedence over any conflicting information given in this Guide.

Number of pages: 48

Published: 2010-10-08

Date of approval: 2010-09-01

International relationships : CEN/CLC Guide 14:2009 IDT

ICS: 01.120 - Standardization. General rules 97.190 - Equipment for children

Item number: M249565



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