DS/EN ISO 11354-1:2011

Advanced automation technologies and their applications - Requirements for establishing manufacturing enterprise process interoperability - Part 1: Framework for enterprise interoperability

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The purpose of this part of ISO 11354 is to specify a Framework for Enterprise Interoperability (FEI) that establishes dimensions and viewpoints to address interoperability barriers, their potential solutions, and the relationships between them.
ISO 11354 applies to manufacturing enterprises, but can also apply to other kinds of enterprises. It is intended for use by stakeholders who are concerned with developing and deploying solutions based on information and communication technology for manufacturing enterprise process interoperability. It focuses on, but is not restricted to, enterprise (manufacturing or service) interoperability.
This part of ISO 11354 specifies the following:
- viewpoints for addressing stakeholder concerns for the exchange of entities (information objects or
physical objects) at the operational levels of enterprises at which interoperability is required;
- a framework for structuring these stakeholder concerns (business, process, service, data), the barriers relating to enterprise interoperability (conceptual, technological, organizational) and the approaches to overcome barriers (integrated, unified, federated), with contents identifying the various kinds of solutions available to enable interoperability.
This part of ISO 11354 does not specify the specific mechanisms for the exchange of entities (information objects or physical objects), nor the manner in which interoperability solutions are implemented.
Three annexes provide additional information. Annex A describes how existing interoperability frameworks can be related to the concepts of this framework. Annex B shows examples of using the FEI to identify and categorize interoperability barriers, knowledge and solutions. Annex C provides a methodological guideline on how the FEI can be used in an interoperability engineering project.

Number of pages: 52

Published: 2011-11-25

Date of approval: 2011-10-24

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ICS: 25.040.01 - Industrial automation systems in general 03.100.01 - Company organization and management in general 35.240.50 - IT applications in industry

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  • CEN/TC 310/WG 1
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