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European digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2); Attachment requirements for Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) mobile stations; Telephony

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This Technical Basis for Regulation (TBR) specifies the technical requirements to be met by terminal equipment capable of connecting to a public telecommunications network. These requirements apply to terminals for Phase 2 of the public land mobile radio service, operating in the 900 MHz band with a channel separation of 200 kHz, utilising constant envelope modulation and carrying traffic channels according to the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) principle. This TBR specifies the requirements for GSM Telephony (speech) for the GSM900 version of the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). For each test purpose and its corresponding conformance requirement, a reference is given to ETS 300 607-1 (GSM 11.10-1) [2]. The requirements apply to speech transmission. The measurement uncertainty is handled, as described in ETS 300 607-1 (GSM 11.10-1) [2]. This TBR covers the essential requirements of the Terminal Directive 91/263/EEC [1] Article 4g. Articles 4d, 4e, and 4f are covered by TBR 19.

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Published: 2005-08-15

Date of approval: 2002-02-15

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ICS: 33.020 - Telecommunications in general

Item number: 49324