DS/EN 319 102-1 V1.1.1:2016

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Procedures for Creation and Validation of AdES Digital Signatures; Part 1: Creation and Validation



The present document specifies procedures for:
• the creation of AdES digital signatures (specified in ETSI EN 319 122-1 [i.2], ETSI EN 319 132-1 [i.4], ETSI
EN 319 142-1 [i.6] respectively);
• establishing whether an AdES digital signature is technically valid;
whenever the AdES digital signature is based on public key cryptography and supported by public key certificates. To
improve readability of the document, AdES digital signatures are meant when the term signature is being used.
NOTE: Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 [i.15] defines the terms electronic signature, advanced electronic
signature, electronic seals and advanced electronic seal. These signatures and seals are usually created
using digital signature technology. The present document aims at supporting the Regulation (EU)
No 910/2014 [i.15] for creation and validation of advanced electronic signatures and seals when they are
implemented as AdES digital signatures.
The present document introduces general principles, objects and functions relevant when creating or validating
signatures based on signature creation and validation constraints and defines general classes of signatures that allow for
verifiability over long periods.
The following aspects are considered to be out of scope:
• generation and distribution of Signature Creation Data (keys etc.), and the selection and use of cryptographic
• format, syntax or encoding of data objects involved, specifically format or encoding for documents to be
signed or signatures created; and
• the legal interpretation of any signature, especially the legal validity of a signature.

Number of pages: 76

Published: 2016-06-02

Date of approval: 2016-05-27

International relationships:

ICS: 35.040 - Character sets and information coding

Item number: M299954



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