DS/EN 319 132-2 V1.1.1:2016

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); XAdES digital signatures; Part 2: Extended XAdES signatures



The present document specifies XAdES digital signatures. XAdES signatures are built on XML digital signatures [i.4],
by incorporation of signed and unsigned qualifying properties, which fulfil certain common requirements (such as the
long term validity of digital signatures, for instance) in a number of use cases.
The present document specifies a number of XAdES signature levels, addressing incremental requirements to maintain
the validity of the signatures over the long term, in a way that a certain level always addresses all the requirements
addressed at levels that are below it. These XAdES extended signatures offer a higher degree of optionality than the
XAdES baseline signatures specified ETSI EN 319 132-1 [1].
The present document aims at supporting electronic signatures in different regulatory frameworks.
NOTE: Specifically but not exclusively, XAdES digital signatures specified in the present document aim at
supporting electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures, qualified electronic signatures,
electronic seals, advanced electronic seals, and qualified electronic seals as per Regulation (EU)
No 910/2014 [i.1].

Number of pages: 22

Published: 2016-06-02

Date of approval: 2016-05-27

International relationships:

ICS: 35.040 - Character sets and information coding

Item number: M299945



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