DS/EN 319 142-2 V1.1.1:2016

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); PAdES digital signatures; Part 2: Additional PAdES signatures profiles



The present document defines multiple profiles for PAdES digital signatures which are digital signatures embedded
within a PDF file.
The present document contains a profile for the use of PDF signatures, as described in ISO 32000-1 [1] and based on
CMS digital signatures [i.6], that enables greater interoperability for PDF signatures by providing additional restrictions
beyond those of ISO 32000-1 [1]. This first profile is not related to part 1 of ETSI EN 319 142 [4].
The present document also contains a second set of profiles that extend the scope of the profile in PAdES part 1 [5],
while keeping some features that enhance interoperability of PAdES signatures. These profiles define three levels of
PAdES extended signatures addressing incremental requirements to maintain the validity of the signatures over the long
term, in a way that a certain level always addresses all the requirements addressed at levels that are below it. These
PAdES extended signatures offer a higher degree of optionality than the PAdES baseline signatures specified in part 1
of ETSI EN 319 142 [4].
The present document also defines a third profile for usage of an arbitrary XML document signed with XAdES
signatures that is embedded within a PDF file.
The profiles defined in the present document provide equivalent requirements to profiles found in ETSI
ETSI TS 102 778 [i.10].
The present document does not repeat the base requirements of the referenced standards, but instead aims to maximize
interoperability of digital signatures in various business areas.

Number of pages: 32

Published: 2016-06-02

Date of approval: 2016-05-27

International relationships:

ICS: 35.040 - Character sets and information coding

Item number: M299947



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