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Founding - Spheroidal graphite cast irons

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  • Directive 2014/68/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of pressure equipment Text with EEA relevance

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DS/EN 1563:2018 is available in a Danish-English version with the corrections of DS/EN 1563:2018/Ret.1:2021 incorporated.

This European Standard defines the grades and the corresponding requirements for spheroidal graphite cast irons.

This European Standard specifies 2 groups of spheroidal graphite cast iron grades by a classification based on mechanical properties measured on machined test pieces prepared from cast samples. The first group deals mainly with ferritic to pearlitic grades. The second group deals with solid-solution strengthened ferritic grades.

This European Standard does not cover technical delivery conditions for iron castings (see EN 1559-1 [3] and EN 1559-3 [4]).

This European Standard does not cover:

- ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons which are specified in EN 1564 [7];

- low alloyed ferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons which are specified in EN 16124 [8];

- continuous cast iron bars which are specified in EN 16482 [7];

- austenitic cast irons which are specified in EN 13835 [8];

- spheroidal graphite cast irons used for pipes, fittings and their joints which are the subject of EN 545 [11], EN 598 [12] and EN 969 [13];

- the grades of spheroidal graphite cast irons as specified in EN 545 which are used for products such as industrial valves, non-industrial manually operated shut-off valves and flanges and their joints, which are the subject of the applicable European product standards.

Number of pages: 48

Published: 2018-08-23

Date of approval: 2018-08-20

International relationships : EN 1563:2018 IDT

ICS: 77.080.10 - Irons

Item number: M297059



  • CEN/TC 190
  • CEN/TC 190/WG 7

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