DS/EN 485-1:2016

Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate - Part 1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery

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This document specifies the technical conditions for inspection and delivery of wrought aluminium and wrought aluminium alloy sheet, strip and plate for general applications. It also includes provisions for ordering and testing.

It applies to products with a thickness over 0,20 mm up to and including 400 mm.

For many special applications of aluminium strip, sheet and plate, specific European Standards exist, where different or additional requirements are formulated and the appropriate alloys and tempers are selected: see Annex A. Most of these special European Standards refer to provisions of this document.

The selection of the relevant special European Standards is under the responsibility of the purchaser.

Whenever the application involves special properties, such as corrosion resistance, toughness, fatigue strength, surface appearance and welding properties, the user should consult the supplier and consider the relevant special European Standard, as applicable.

Number of pages: 20

Published: 2016-08-25

Date of approval: 2016-08-01

International relationships : EN 485-1:2016 IDT

ICS: 77.150.10 - Aluminium products

Item number: M302467



  • CEN/TC 132
  • CEN/TC 132/WG 7

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