DSF/FprCEN/TR 17741 ( Draft )

Guidance for understanding and utilize EN/ISO 29481-1 Building information models – Information delivery manual – Part 1: Methodology and format

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This document provides a guidance on how to develop an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) in compliance with EN ISO 29481-1 hereafter referred to as the "IDM standard". This document explains the core components and development process of the IDM methodology in non-technical terms. This guidance aims to help users and software vendors understand and utilise the IDM standard in defining information requirements and deliverables.

The technical implementation of IDM in a data model, Model View Definition 1) (MVD), is excluded from this guideline’s scope. IDM standard introduces the MVD concept but does not specify it in detail.

This guidance also utilises some transaction framework concepts introduced in EN ISO 29481-2. The technical XML- and XSD-schema definitions supporting the software solutions are excluded from this guidance.

1) An MVD defines a data model or a subset of an existing data model that is necessary to support one or many specific data exchange requirements. MVDs are used in software development and should have a machine-readable representation. An MVD that is dedicated to a single IDM can be used to filter information in software tools to a specific exchange requirement. [SOURCE: EN ISO 29481-1:2017, 5.6.4].

1.1 Background

This guideline primary reference is the IDM standard part 1 (EN ISO 29481-1:2017) (hereafter referred to as IDM standard). This guideline helps in understanding and using the IDM standard to describe information delivery. The guidance also uses some concepts described in part 2 of the IDM standard series (EN ISO 29481-2:2016). Considerable efforts have been made to align this guidance with the terminology and concepts introduced in EN ISO 19650-1 and EN ISO 19650-2.

Information Delivery Manual specification (hereafter referred to as the IDM specification) provides help in getting the full benefit from building information modelling (BIM). When the required information is available in the BIM to support a construction process or use case, and the quality of information is satisfactory, the process itself is much improved. The IDM standard provides a method to create the specification.

A complete IDM specification should support two perspectives: user requirements and technical solutions. User requirements describe the needed information delivery and the overall process in which information exchange occurs. The technical solution defines an exchange requirement model using a harmonised data schema.

EN ISO 29481-1 provides a methodology and a harmonised format to specify information requirements. It offers a framework and method to determine the needed information delivery with process maps and exchange requirements.

EN ISO 29481-2 specifies an interaction framework and format to describe "coordination acts" between actors or parties within an appointment. It facilitates interoperability between software applications used in the construction process to promote digital collaboration between actors in the building construction process. Also, it provides a basis for accurate, reliable, repeatable, and high-quality information exchange.

1.2 Users of this guidance document

This guidance document is intended for clients, architects, engineers, contractors, surveyors, authorities, and other parties who need to specify or implement information delivery. Originally, the IDM standard was focused on defining BIM deliverables, but the possible application of the standard is much broader. It can be used to specify any requirement for information delivery.

Although software developers and technology adapters are not the primary audiences of this guidance document, it may help them better understand existing IDMs and develop their own IDMs.

1.3 Relation to EN ISO 19650

The IDM standard is a process-oriented methodology used to describe the information exchange requirements for a particular purpose which may complement the information-management approach outlined in the EN ISO 19650 series...

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