ASTM F1566 - 14(2021)

Standard Test Methods for Evaluation of Innersprings, Boxsprings, Mattresses or Mattress Sets

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1.1 These test methods cover recognized methods for testing mattress innersprings, boxsprings, and finished mattresses or mattress sets, or both, to ensure uniformity of results.1.2 These test methods are applicable to un-upholstered mattress core units including but not limited to innersprings, air chambers, and foam cores, un-upholstered foundations including but not limited to boxspring and build up foundations, finished foundations and mattress constructions. Data developed is for comparative analysis with no pass/fail criteria applicable.1.3 The durability test (Section 7), impact test (Section 8) and firmness retention test/surface deformation (Section 9) require upholstered samples. Firmness testing may be ran on un-upholstered components, innerspring units and flexible boxsprings (6.1 through 6.4), or finished mattresses or mattress sets (6.5 through 6.8). A standardized upholstery package is specified if evaluating a mattress core or un-upholstered foundation. These test meth

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