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Electric toys – Safety

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  • Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys

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This standard deals with the safety of toys that have at least one function dependent on electricity. NOTE 1 Examples of toys within the scope of this standard are
- constructional sets;
- experimental sets;
- functional toys (models that have a function similar to an appliance or installation used by adults);
- video toys (toys consisting of a screen and activation means, such as a joystick or keyboard. Seperate screens having a rated voltage exceeding 24 V are not considered to be part of the toy).
Additional requirements for experimental sets are given in Annex A.
Toys using electricty for secondary functions are within the scope of this standard.
NOTE 2 – A doll's house having an interior lamp is an example of such a toy.
Additional requirements for toys incorporating lasers and light-emitting diodes are given in Annex E.
In order to comply with this standard, electric toys also have to comply with ISO 8124-1 and EN 71-1, since it covers hazards other than those arising by the use of electricity.
NOTE 3 – Transformers for toys and battery chargers are not considered to be a toy, even if supplied with it.
NOTE 4 – If it is intended that a child also plays with the packaging, the latter is considered to be part of the toy.
NOTE 5 – This standard does not apply to
– toy steam engines;
– scale models for adult collectors;
– folk dolls and decorative dolls and other similar articles for adult collectors;
– sports equipment;
– aquatic equipment intended to be used in deep water;
– equipment intended to be used collectively in playgrounds;
– amusement machines (IEC 60335-2-82);
– professional toys installed in public places (shopping centres, stations, etc.);
– products containing heating elements intended for use under the supervision of an adult in a teaching context;
– portable child-appealing luminaires (IEC 60598-2-10);
– Christmas decorations.

Number of pages: 81

Published: 2006-08-30

Date of approval: 2006-06-29

International relationships : EN 62115:2005 IDT IEC 62115:2003 IDT

ICS: 97.200.50 - Toys 13.120 - Domestic safety

Item number: M213680

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