DS/EN ISO 21597-2:2020

Information container for linked document delivery – Exchange specification – Part 2: Link types (ISO 21597-2:2020)

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This Part 2 of the ICDD standard adds functionality to the container format specified in Part 1.
Part 1 defines a generic container format to store documents using various formats and
structure and the ability to provide links between documents or between referable subsets of
these documents (documents and datasets are the payload of the container). Building on that
foundation, Part 2 of this standard adds the possibility of adding more semantic (meaningful)
information to the contents of the container, as well as to the links between pieces of
information in the container using Linked Open Data technology.
This standard does not prescribe the structure or format of the documents in the payload.
This standard is suitable for industry sectors such as the built environment, where many
different standards are used, where there is a mixture of digital representations of proposed or
existing built and natural assets (in open or proprietary formats), requiring the use of legacy
systems and the application of different classification systems. This part adds the ability to link,
in a semantic and meaningful way, those islands of data represented using different formats and
structure. This standard is not meant to replace other standards such as ISO 16739 which is
recognized as the standard for describing building objects.
This standard provides two conformance classes. Both conformance classes open the ability to
specialize the container for use cases not otherwise handled.

Number of pages: 34

Published: 2020-11-25

Date of approval: 2020-11-24

International relationships : EN ISO 21597-2:2020 IDT ISO 21597-2:2020 IDT

ICS: 91.010.01 - Construction industry in general

Item number: M327529



  • CEN/TC 442
  • ISO/TC 59/SC 13
  • ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 8

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