DS/INF 175:2009

Supplement for the design of timber trusses according to DS/EN 1995-1-1, Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures - Part 1-1: General - Common rules and rules for buildings

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The purpose of this DS/INF 175 is partly to describe reasons for increasing the timber strength values for trusses assembled with punched metal plate fasteners, partly to give rules for execution and strength verification of timber members reinforced with punched metal plate fasteners loaded perpendicular to grain.

DS/INF 175 contains in itself no requirements but alone information with regard to design methods additional to DS/EN 1995-1-1, clause 5.4.2 and 6.6.

In Denmark it has in accordance with SBI Direction 210 from the Danish Building Research Institute for many years been accepted to increase some timber member strength values by design of prefabricated members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners as required by EN 14250.

DS/INF 175 aims at designers and contractors of load-carrying timber structures, and at manufacturers of prefabricated trusses and other members produced according to EN 14250.
DS/INF 175 is a provisional supplement proposed to be implemented in EN 1995-1-1 Eurocode 5. The proposal is drafted by Hilmer Riberholt and Hans Jørgen Larsen, Masters in civil engineering, and has been forwarded to CEN/TC 250 SC 5, Timber structures as a proposal to be included at the next revision.

Number of pages: 20

Published: 2009-12-04

Date of approval: 2009-10-14

International relationships :

ICS: 91.070.50 - Eurocode 5 Design of timber structures. 91.080.20 - Timber structures

Item number: M242105


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