DS/ISO 27891:2015

Aerosol particle number concentration - Calibration of condensation particle counters

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ISO 27891:2015 describes methods to determine the detection efficiency of condensation particle counters (CPCs) at particle number concentrations ranging between 1 cm-3 and 105 cm-3, together with the associated measurement uncertainty. In general, the detection efficiency will depend on the particle number concentration, the particle size, and the particle composition. The particle sizes covered by the methods described in this International Standard range from approximately 5 nm to 1 000 nm.
The methods can therefore be used both to determine a CPC calibration factor to be applied across the range of larger particle sizes where the detection efficiency is relatively constant (the plateau efficiency), and to characterize the drop in CPC detection efficiency at small particle sizes, near the lower detection limit. These parameters are described in more detail in Annex A.
The methods are suitable for CPCs whose inlet flows are between approximately 0,1 l/min and 5 l/min.
This International Standard describes a method for estimating the uncertainty of a CPC calibration performed according to this International Standard.

Number of pages: 130

Published: 2015-03-26

Date of approval: 2015-03-16

International relationships : ISO 27891:2015 IDT

ICS: 19.120 - Particle size analysis. Sieving

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