ISO 13099-1:2012

Colloidal systems -- Methods for zeta-potential determination -- Part 1: Electroacoustic and electrokinetic phenomena

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This standard describes methods of zeta potential determination, both electric and acoustic, in heterogeneous
systems, such as dispersions, emulsions, porous bodies with liquid dispersion medium. There is no restriction
on the value of zeta potential. There is no restriction on the weight fraction of the dispersed phase; both
diluted and concentrated systems are included. Particle size and pore size is assumed to be on the scale of
micrometer or smaller. There is no restriction on particle shape or pore geometry. The characterization of zeta
potential on flat surfaces will be discussed separately. Liquid of the dispersion medium can be either aqueous
or non-aqueous. There is no restriction on liquid conductivity, dielectric permittivity, and chemical composition.
The material of particles may be electrically conducting or non-conducting. Double layers may be either
isolated or overlapping. There is no restriction on the double layer thickness or other properties. This standard
is restricted to linear effects on electric field strength phenomena. Surface charge is assumed to be
homogeneously spread along the interfaces. Effects associated with the soft surface layers containing space
distributed surface charge are beyond the scope.

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Published: 2012-06-18

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ICS: 19.120 - Particle size analysis. Sieving

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  • ISO/TC 24/SC 4
  • ISO/TC 24/SC 4/WG 17

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