DS/EN 1097-2:2020

Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates – Part 2: Methods for the determination of resistance to fragmentation

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This document describes the reference method, the Los Angeles test, used for type testing and in case of dispute (and an alternative method, the impact test) for determining the resistance to fragmentation of coarse aggregates (main text) and aggregates for railway ballast (Annex A). For other purposes, in particular factory production control, other methods are possible provided that an appropriate working relationship with the reference method has been established.

This document applies to natural, manufactured or recycled aggregates used in building and civil engineering.

Annex A describes a method for the determination of resistance to fragmentation of aggregates for railway ballast.

Annex B gives alternative narrow range classifications for the Los Angeles test and the impact test.

Annex C contains construction, operation and safety requirements for the impact tester.

Annex D describes a method for checking of the impact tester.

Annex E gives precision data.

Annex F contains a worked example of calculation of impact value SZ.

Annex G gives an alternative narrow range classification for the Los Angeles test of 16/32 mm recycled aggregates.

Annex H proposes an additional sieve for the evaluation of the Los Angeles test for railway ballast.

Annex A is normative and Annexes B to H are informative.

Number of pages: 43

Published: 2020-04-20

Date of approval: 2020-04-20

International relationships : EN 1097-2:2020 IDT

ICS: 91.100.15 - Mineral materials and products

Item number: M321581



  • CEN/TC 154
  • CEN/TC 154/SC 6

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