DS/CWA 16036:2010 ( Withdrawn )

Cyber-Identity - Unique Identification Systems For Organizations and Parts Thereof

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The present document gives guidance on unique identification systems currently in use or emerging for organizations and parts thereof. This covers organizational and operational rules and processes to enable interoperability across multiple organization identification schemes. Stress is laid on the persistence or permanence of the identification, i.e. that an according identifier designates the same entity over a long period. It comprehends an analysis of existing systems and proposes recommendations on how to achieve interoperability among them by using meta-identification sys-tems. These specifications form an umbrella over disparate schemes for business directory ser-vices in order to create a reconciled and workable framework that can be used in multiple applica-tion environments. The focus is on unique identification systems used in Europe taking into account relevant international standardisation developments.
The document concentrates on the usage of unique identifiers in "open" systems and user groups. The borders between open and closed groups are fluent and closed groups may be integrated in open groups at a later stage. Stress is laid on identifiers used in open exchange and which can be verified in directories accessible over the Internet. However, identification of products which are consumer goods is not in the focus of this document. In particular, this CWA focuses on the follow-ing topics:
- Organization identification schemes which allow to identify the organization;
Including schemes which allow to identify the organization and organization parts (e.g. organ-izational units, establishments, documents or services provided by the identified organization – see "organization part" in "Definitions"), thus any relevant entity which can be identified uniquely.
- Verification of the identified organization contained in such a scheme and registered in a directory service.

Number of pages: 96

Published: 2010-03-05

Date of approval: 2009-11-27

Date of withdrawal: 2016-07-04

International relationships : CWA 16036:2009 IDT

ICS: 35.030 - IT Security 35.240.01 - Application of information technology in general 35.040 - Character sets and information coding

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