ASTM A882/A882M - 20

Standard Specification for Filled Epoxy-Coated Seven-Wire Steel Prestressing Strand

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1.1 This specification covers seven-wire steel prestressing strand with protective fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating applied by the electrostatic deposition method or other suitable method, with the interstices of the seven wires filled with epoxy to minimize migration of corrosive media, either by capillary action or other hydrostatic forces. Note 1: The manufacturer as identified throughout this specification is the coating applicator.1.2 A supplementary requirement (S1) is provided for use where bond strength testing of 0.600-in. [15.24-mm] diameter grade 270 [1860] epoxy-coated strand for applications in prestressed ground anchors is required by the purchaser. The supplementary requirement applies only when specified in the purchase order or contract.1.3 Requirements for epoxy powder coatings are contained in Annex A1.1.4 The text of this specification references notes and footnotes which provide explanatory material. These notes and footnotes (excluding those in tables) shall no

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ICS: 77.140.65 - Steel wire, wire ropes and link chains

Item number: A001576