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Terminological entries in standards - Part 1: General requirements and examples of presentation

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This part of ISO 10241 specifies requirements for the preparation, drafting and structure of terminological entries in international terminology standards. It also provides rules for terminological entries in multilingual standards and for indexes therein. While the stipulations in this document are based on ISO 704, this part of ISO 10241 does not stipulate principles and methods of terminology in general.
This part of ISO 10241 is intended for use by standardizing bodies so that efficient and uniform methods are applied to the preparation, drafting and structuring of terminological entries, regardless of language and scriptrelated specifics. It is intended to be applicable to any language. However, for implementing this part of ISO 10241, individual specifications may need to be adapted or additional specifications may have to be added to respond to particular language-specific issues.
In particular, this part of ISO 10241 is applicable to all international standards that contain terminological entries, other than those resulting from large-scale terminological projects.
NOTE 1 – Guidelines for large-scale terminological projects leading to terminology standards or a series of terminology standards are given in ISO 15188.
It does not deal with the administrative procedures required by standardizing bodies for the preparation of a given terminology standard.
NOTE 2 – Administrative procedures for the preparation of terminology standards are specific to a standardizing body.
For example, in ISO these rules are provided in the ISO/IEC Directives[1].
As presentation and layout rules by nature are very much tied to the script and to the publishing rules of the standardizing body, they are dealt with only on an abstract level in this part of ISO 10241. Examples for the presentation and layout in ISO International Standards are provided for information in Annex A.

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Published: 2011-09-04

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ICS: 01.020 - Terminology (principles and coordination) 01.120 - Standardization. General rules

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