DS/EN 15016-4:2006

Technical drawings - Railway applications - Part 4: Data exchange

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This European Standard specifies the basis of an administrative process for exchange of data such as technical drawings, design parts list (see EN 15016-2) and other related technical documents for railway applications.
This European Standard applies to all railway organisations and parties concerned with the exchange of technical documents like drawings, part lists and related technical documents that are officially numbered. Furthermore, it applies to suppliers preparing these documents on behalf of the railway companies or railway network users.
The basic requirements apply to all drawings, parts lists and related technical documents independently of the type of data e.g. graphical information (images), database types or types of data carriers.
These rules are applied by all railway companies and railway industry in the countries of the European Union (EU). Alternatively, the application of these rules can be agreed between contract partners who are settled in the EU and partners who are not settled in the EU by means of a contract and/or mutual agreement.

Number of pages: 28

Published: 2006-04-26

Date of approval: 2006-03-02

International relationships : EN 15016-4:2006 IDT

ICS: 01.100.01 - Technical drawings in general 01.100.99 - Other standards related to technical drawings 45.020 - Railway engineering in general

Item number: M204185



  • CEN/TC 256/WG 19

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