DS Handbook 166:2017 E ( Withdrawn )

DS Handbook 166:2017 E)

A Guide to RDS – Reference Designation Systems. TAG Numbers for Systems in Accordance with the ISO/IEC 81346 Standard Series

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The new 2017 edition of DS Handbook 166 (in English) will give you an easily understandable explanation and associated examples of how to use the common ISO/IEC 81346 series of standards dealing with reference designation systems (RDS) for structuring systems and their component parts.
Please note: now in 2nd imprint, with minor corrections made to figure 111 on page 162. The following changes were made: =G1=HN1 was changed to =G1=HQ1, and =H1=WP1=XL1 was changed to =H1=WP1=RN1. The corrected page can be seen in the back of the preview file.
The Handbook is based on a wide range of updates incorporated into the ISO/IEC 81346 series of standards to be published in 2017.
With the new edition of the Handbook, the author Henrik Balslev has emphasised that ISO/IEC 81346 aims at creating a common language across technical disciplines. The updated Handbook therefore includes a new and more basic understanding of modes of thinking and a description of how ISO/IEC 81346 is used as a common designation method for systems.
In addition to the extensive updating, the new edition also includes the new type aspect (%); the new three letter codes to be published in 2017; completely new codes for spaces; examples of properties, and a new extensive car wash example that shows how RDS can be used as a common point of synchronisation for information across technical boundaries.
See also www.81346.com.

Number of pages: 248

Published: 2017-01-01

Date of approval: 2016-12-19

Date of withdrawal: 2020-01-01

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ICS: 01.100.25 - Electrical and electronics engineering drawings 29.020 - Electrical engineering in general

Item number: M311156


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