DS/EN 81346-1:2009

Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products - Structuring principles and reference designations - Part 1: Basic rules

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This part of IEC 81346, published jointly by IEC and ISO, establishes general principles for the structuring of systems including structuring of the information about systems.
Based on these principles, rules and guidance are given for the formulation of unambiguous
reference designations for objects in any system.
The reference designation identifies objects for the purpose of creation and retrieval of information about an object, and where realized about its corresponding component.
A reference designation labelled at a component is the key to find information about that object among different kinds of documents.
The principles are general and are applicable to all technical areas (for example mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction engineering, process engineering). They can be used for systems based on different technologies or for systems combining several technologies.

Number of pages: 172

Published: 2010-01-11

Date of approval: 2009-10-14

International relationships : EN 81346-1:2009 IDT IEC 81346-1:2009 ED1 IDT

ICS: 01.110 - Technical product documentation 29.020 - Electrical engineering in general

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    A Guide to RDS – Reference Designation Systems. TAG Numbers for Systems in Accordance with the ISO/IEC 81346 Standard Series

  • DS Handbuch 166:2020 DE
    Ein Leitfaden für RDS – Referenzkennzeichnungssysteme. TAG Nummern für Systeme in Übereinstimmung mit der Normenreihe EN 81346