ASTM D5740 - 18

Standard Guide for Writing Material Standards in the Classification Format

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1.1 This classification system covers ___ materials suitable for _____________. The inclusion or exclusion of recycled plastics in this classification system must be addressed here.1.2 The properties included in this standard are those required to identify the compositions covered. Other requirements necessary to identify particular characteristics important to specialized applications are to be specified by using suffixes as given in Section 5.1.3 This classification system and subsequent line callout (specification) are intended to provide a means of calling out plastic materials used in the fabrication of end items or parts. It is not intended for the selection of materials. Material selection can be made by those having expertise in the plastic field only after careful consideration of the design and the performance required of the part, the environment to which it will be exposed, the fabrication process to be employed, the costs involved, and the inherent properties of the mate

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