DS 3090:2014

The commissioning process for buildings - Installation services in new buildings and major renovations

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This standard describes the use of the commissioning process in buildings.
The commissioning process is a tool to ensure that requirements for a building are performed through all phases of the construction and into the operating phase.
The standard is applicable for the use on building construction and at major rehabilitations and inclusive energy renovations. Major renovations includes e.g. rehabilitations, which is subject to revision of future energy- or operational budget or has a high technical content, e.g.:
- Heating systems
- Ventilation systems
- Cooling systems
- Supply systems, e.g. heat pumps, district heating, boiler plant
- Electrical installations
- Lighting, e.g. daylight control
- Blinds
- Fire ventilation
- Building automation
The commissioning process carried out according to this standard shall support the following purposes:
- Ensure a minimum energy consumption according to regulator and building owners requirements
- Ensure meeting the requirements in building regulation and other legal requirements
- Ensure meeting the requirements of the indoor climate
- Verificating the function of systems horizontally of enterprises, e.g, horizontal tests
- Minimize errors and omissions
- Facliitate easy transition between building construction and operation
- Verify that operational- and maintenance material, total economy and documentaion ar in compliance with the building owners requirements
- Ensure, that operating personnel is educated in such a way that the building can be operated according to the building owners requirements
- Support requirements stated for carrying out commisioning activities according to sustainability certification programmes.
The standard does not comprise the commissioning of the building envelope. The metods as described in this standard are universal and can be used for other installations, e.g. the building envelope, if the oberservations of the commissioning process brings up conditions, which are related to these installations.
The standard can not be used as a reference for commissioning of safety installations, which includes personal safety.
The standard does not give normative requirements for the persons, who carries out the commissioning process.

Number of pages: 76

Published: 2014-03-27

Date of approval: 2014-02-27

International relationships :

ICS: 03.120.10 - Quality management and quality assurance 91.140.01 - Installations in buildings in general

Item number: M273363


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