DS handbook 199:2020

DS handbook 199:2020)

Guide on Sustainable building renovation. Referencing environmental requirements and standards when planning public tenders in Europe

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As a contracting authority with focus on numerous details when planning public tenders, it can be hard to work out which environmental characteristics to include as requirements in procurement documents to reduce climate impacts as well as environmental impacts. Adding the need to also reference standards related to works, supplies, or services – then things may start to look impossible!
This guide introduces the most known standardisation aspects and most relevant environmental aspects to consider when planning a tender within building renovation, demolition, and new construction.
It also indicates the context the requirements should be set in to start the journey towards sustainable procurement, and it shows how it can be documented using recognised standards.
The numerous references to related publications make the guide useable as a reference work, helping to understand different terms and how to use them correctly when developing technical specifications.
In the years to come, focus on sustainable development in the construction sector will only increase, and so will requirements to the sector in general, why it is important to start addressing the possibilities already available.

The guide focuses on subjects such as:

Standardisation aspects in public procurement (from eurocodes to harmonised standards).
Environmental aspects in public procurement (from labels to certificates).
Referencing environmental aspects and standards in the procurement process
(from historical influence to tecnical specifications).
Ensuring proof of conformity and documentation on deliverables

The guide also includes:

An example of a sustainable building project.
Specific examples on how to reference standards and environmental requirements.
Terms, abbreviations, and definitions.
Examples of hazardous substances in building materials.
Legislation and standards related to sustainable building renovation.
A checklist with key points to remember before, in, and after the procurement process.

Number of pages: 55

Published: 2020-09-27

Date of approval: 2020-09-27

International relationships :

ICS: 03.120.10 - Quality management and quality assurance

Item number: M345218


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