DS/CEN/TR 1030-2:2016

Hand-arm vibration - Guidelines for vibration hazards reduction - Part 2: Management measures at the workplace

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This Technical Report outlines practicable measures for the reduction and control of health hazards associated with exposure to hand-arm vibration at work. It supplements the European "Guide to good practice on hand-arm vibration" and provides a practical professional aid for Member States’ health and safety authorities or labour authorities who write national guidance for managers, health and safety officers, engineers, planning and purchasing staff and others.

This Technical Report covers the following principal aspects:

a) identification of main sources of hand-arm vibration at work;

b) vibration reduction by re-considering task, product, process and design;

c) how to select low-vibration machinery, including vibration reducing features, auxiliary equipment for control of vibration;

d) other issues, e.g. personal protection and its limitation;

e) management measures for the control of hand-arm vibration exposure;

f) health surveillance.

Number of pages: 59

Published: 2016-05-19

Date of approval: 2016-05-12

International relationships : CEN/TR 1030-2:2016 IDT

ICS: 13.160 - Vibration and shock with respect to human beings

Item number: M301018



  • CEN/TC 231
  • CEN/TC 231/WG 2

Danish committee

DS/S-206/U-04 (n)