DS/INSTA TS 950:2014

Fire Safety Engineering - Comparative method to verify fire safety design in buildings

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This specification provides guidance for a comparative approach for fire safety engineering by providing a basis for performing comparative analysis of the fire safety in buildings. Information is given on how to determine fire safety objective from pre-accepted solutions and how to verify design alternatives using qualitative and quantitative fire engineering assessment methods. These objectives may include life safety, property and environmental losses. The aim is to create a more consistent and uniform performance-based design process, and to give guidance on the use of a comparative approach.
This specification is intended to be used as a reference document for building authorities and for use in connection with regulations by consultants, local authorities and others in the building industry.
(1) NOTE Limitations regarding the use of this specification may be set in the National Annex. It is recommended that this specification is used only for analysis where pre-accepted solutions exist for the reference building. It is recommended that the methods are used to verify one fire safety objective at a time.
The user of this technical specification must verify that models are valid to the relevant design situation and that national requirements are met.

Number of pages: 39

Published: 2015-04-16

Date of approval: 2015-02-24

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ICS: 13.220.10 - Fire-fighting

Item number: M296778