ASTM D7782 - 13

Standard Practice for Determination of the 99 %/95 % Critical Level (WCL) and a Reliable Detection Estimate (WDE) Based on Within-laboratory Data

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1.1 This practice provides a procedure for computing a 99?%/95?% Within-laboratory Detection Estimate (WDE) and the associated critical level/value (WCL). The WDE is the minimum concentration, with false positives and false negative appropriately controlled, such that values above these minimums are reliable detections. The WCL is the point at which only false positives are controlled appropriately. A false positive is the reporting of an analyte as present when the analyte is not actually present; false negatives are reports of analyte absence when the analyte is actually present. This practice is distinguished from the Interlaboratory Detection Estimate (IDE) practice in that the IDE Standard utilizes data from multiple, independent laboratories, while this practice is for use by a single laboratory. The IDE would be utilized where interlaboratory issues are of concern (for example, limits for published methods); this practice (and values derived from it) are applicable where the re

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ICS: 17.020 - Metrology and measurement in general

Item number: A006222