ASTM F2277 - 17a

Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Selectorized Strength Equipment

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1.1 These test methods specify procedures and apparatus used for testing and evaluating selectorized strength equipment for compliance to Specification F2216. Both design and operational parameters will be evaluated. Where possible and applicable, accepted test methods from other recognized bodies will be used and referenced.1.2 Requirements—Selectorized strength equipment is to be tested in accordance with these test methods or Test Methods F2571 for all of the following parameters:1.2.1 Stability,1.2.2 Edge and corner sharpness,1.2.3 Tube ends,1.2.4 Weight stack travel,1.2.5 Weight stack selector pin retention,1.2.6 Function of adjustments and locking mechanisms,1.2.7 Handgrip design and retention,1.2.8 Assist mechanisms,1.2.9 Foot supports,1.2.10 Rope and belt systems: Static load, End fitting design,1.2.11 Chain drive design,1.2.12 Pulley design: Rope pulley design, Belt pulley design,1.2.13 Entrapment zones,1.2.14 Pull in points,1.2.15 Weight stac

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ICS: 17.020 - Metrology and measurement in general

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