DS/EN ISO 10360-5:2010 ( Withdrawn * )

Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) - Part 5: CMMs using single and multiple stylus contacting probing systems

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This part of ISO 10360 specifies acceptance and periodic reverification tests of CMM performance with contacting probing systems and is only applicable to CMMs using:

– any type of contact-probing system
– discrete point probing mode
– spherical and hemispherical styli

It complements ISO 10360-7 which is the module for CMMs with video probing systems, and ISO 10360-2 which is universal, i.e. not probe type specific.

When relevant, this part of ISO 10360 also applies to:

– multiple-stylus probing systems with fixed multiple-styli attached to a single probe (e.g. "star" stylus)
– multiple-probing systems such as those with a stylus for each of their probes,
– systems with articulating probing

This part of ISO 10360 is not applicable to non-contact probing systems, which require different testing procedures.

Number of pages: 48

Published: 2010-12-04

Date of approval: 2010-10-15

International relationships : EN ISO 10360-5:2010 IDT ISO 10360-5:2010 IDT

ICS: 17.040.30 - Measuring instruments

Item number: M231050

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