DS/EN IEC 60118-9:2019

Electroacoustics – Hearing aids – Part 9: Methods of measurement of the performance characteristics of bone conduction hearing aids

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This part of IEC 60118 specifies methods for measurement of the bone conduction hearing
aids characteristics.
The methods described will produce a suitable basis for the exchange of information or for
direct comparison of the electroacoustical characteristics of bone conduction hearing aids.
These methods are chosen to be practical and reproducible and are based on selected fixed
The results obtained by the methods specified in this standard express the performance
under the conditions of the measurement but will not necessarily agree exactly with the
performance of the hearing aid under practical conditions of use.
This document defines methods of measurement of characteristics of bone conduction
hearing aids both:
• transcutaneously coupled devices measured on a mechanical coupler, meeting
requirements of IEC 60318-6,
• bone coupled/bone anchored devices measured on a mechanical coupler configured as a
skull simulator.
NOTE 1 – A skull simulator is a mechanical coupler designed to present a specific mechanical impedance to a
vibrator coupled with a mechanical coupling
Though the number of measurements covered by this part of IEC 60118 is limited, it is not
intended that all measurements described herein are mandatory.
NOTE 2 – Throughout this document all sound pressure levels specified are referred to 20 μPa. When
appropriate, sound pressure level will be abbreviated to SPL.

Number of pages: 36

Published: 2019-11-29

Date of approval: 2019-11-28

International relationships : EN IEC 60118-9:2019 IDT IEC 60118-9:2019 ED2 IDT

ICS: 17.140.50 - Electroacoustics

Item number: M324571



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