DS/ISO 8525:2008

Airborne noise emitted by machine tools - Operating conditions for metal-cutting machines

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This international Standard describes with reference to ISO 230-5 the mechanical and acoustical
specifications necessary for a reproducible test method for the determination of airborne noise emitted by metal-cutting machines and related auxiliary equipment.
The purpose of this Standard is to facilitate obtaining comparable test results on the noise emission of similar machines. The results of the tests can be used for comparison, acceptance, maintenance or any other purpose.
This International Standard specifies in particular operating conditions for the measurement of noise
emitted by metal cutting machines excluding any cutting process. These operating conditions are strictly the same for the determination of both sound power levels and emission sound pressure levels at specified positions It applies to:
- Turning machines: All kinds of turning machines, e.g. NC turning machines and turning centres
- Milling machines: All kinds of milling machines, e.g. NC milling machines and machining centres
- Multi-function machines (e. g. milling and turning simultaneously)
Additional types will be covered in future editions of this International Standard.

Number of pages: 36

Published: 2008-08-18

Date of approval: 2008-06-18

International relationships : ISO 8525:2008 IDT

ICS: 25.040.10 - Machining centres 25.040.20 - Numerically controlled machines 17.140.20 - Noise emitted by machines and equipment 25.080.01 - Machine tools in general

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  • ISO/TC 39/SC 6

Danish committee

DS/S-115/U-01 (n)