DS/EN ISO 10882-1:2011

Health and safety in welding and allied processes - Sampling of airborne particles and gases in the operator's breathing zone - Part 1: Sampling of airborne particles

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ISO 10882-1:2011 specifies a procedure for sampling airborne particles in the breathing zone of a person who performs welding and allied processes (the operator). It also provides details of relevant standards that specify required characteristics, performance requirements and test methods for workplace air measurement, and augments guidance provided in EN 689 on assessment strategy and measurement strategy. ISO 10882-1:2011 also specifies a procedure for making gravimetric measurements of personal exposure to airborne particles generated by welding and allied processes (welding fume) and other airborne particles generated by welding-related operations. Additionally, it provides references to suitable methods of chemical analysis, specified in other standards, to determine personal exposure to specific chemical agents present in welding fume and other airborne particles generated by welding-related operations.
The general background level of airborne particles in the workplace atmosphere influences personal exposure and therefore the role of fixed-point sampling is also considered.

Number of pages: 52

Published: 2011-11-25

Date of approval: 2011-11-11

International relationships : EN ISO 10882-1:2011 IDT ISO 10882-1:2011 IDT

ICS: 25.160.01 - Welding, brazing and soldering in general 13.040.30 - Workplace atmospheres 13.100 - Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene

Item number: M245205



  • CEN/TC 121/SC 9
  • ISO/TC 44/SC 9/WG 2

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