ASTM C1624 - 05(2015)

Standard Test Method for Adhesion Strength and Mechanical Failure Modes of Ceramic Coatings by Quantitative Single Point Scratch Testing

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1.1 This test method covers the determination of the practical adhesion strength and mechanical failure modes of hard (Vickers Hardness HV = 5 GPa or higher), thin (=30 µm) ceramic coatings on metal and ceramic substrates at ambient temperatures. These ceramic coatings are commonly used for wear/abrasion resistance, oxidation protection, and functional (optical, magnetic, electronic, biological) performance improvement.1.2 In the test method, a diamond stylus of defined geometry (Rockwell C, a conical diamond indenter with an included angle of 120° and a spherical tip radius of 200 µm) is drawn across the flat surface of a coated test specimen at a constant speed and a defined normal force (constant or progressively increasing) for a defined distance. The damage along the scratch track is microscopically assessed as a function of the applied force. Specific levels of progressive damage are associated with increasing normal stylus forces. The force level(s) which produce a specific ty

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ICS: 25.220.99 - Other treatments and coatings

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