DS/IEC TS 62282-9-101:2020

Fuel cell technologies – Part 9-101: Evaluation methodology for the environmental performance of fuel cell power systems based on life cycle thinking – Streamlined life-cycle considered environmental performance characterization of stationary fuel cell combined heat and power systems for residential applications

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IEC TS 62282-9-101:2020 provides a streamlined methodology to assess major environmental impacts of stationary fuel cell power systems for residential applications. The fuel cell power systems can be complemented with a supplementary heat generator and/or a thermal storage system such as a hot water tank. The analysis can include the import of electricity from the grid or the export to the grid. The analysed systems are intended to meet the electricity and heat demand of a given household. This document provides a set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines based on life cycle thinking for the description of relevant environmental impacts of fuel cell power systems that can be complemented with a supplementary heat generator or a thermal storage system. This document also provides guidance on how to communicate these environmental impacts to consumers.

Number of pages: 26

Published: 2020-11-04

Date of approval: 2020-11-02

International relationships : IEC TS 62282-9-101:2020 IDT

ICS: 27.070 - Fuel cells

Item number: M340562



  • IEC/TC 105

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